How To Get Direct Referrals For PTC Sites Using Safelists

How To Get Direct Referrals For PTC Sites 

If you want to use safelists to get direct referrals for your PTC sites then you should rather advertise it as a way to get traffic instead of just another opportunity to make money online. I also highly recommend to always use a landing page and collect emails to build your own list of subscribers!

What Is A Safelist?

Safelists are websites where members opted in for sending and receiving emails containing advertisements from other members, similar like a traffic exchange.

You have to read emails and view the advertisements to earn credits or you simply buy credits so you can send out your own emails. Here are some great tools that will help you…

Earn Credits On Autopilot

The Safelist Pirate software will automatically login to your Gmail account to search for the safelist emails in your inbox and click on the credit link to watch the advertisements.

This means that you can earn credits by leaving the software running in the background while you sleep or do some other things.

Click Here to check out the Safelist Pirate software.


Send Out Emails

I use a free website called ViralMailProfits to keep track of my emails and maintain multiple safelist accounts.

The great thing here is that it will automatically create a tracking link for each email so you can easily track your results!

Add all your safelist sites to your account, setup the time period for sending emails and how many credits you have on each safelist account.

ViralMailProfits will automatically calculate the CTR “click through rate” for each safelist and let you know when you can send out your next email. The CTR is determined by dividing the number of clicks by the total number of emails sent. The higher the CTR, the more responsive a safelist is likely to be.

Click Here to join ViralMailProfits for free.


Which Safelist Sites Are Good?

Below are the safelist sites which I have tested and they all have a high CTR… add these safelists to your ViralMailProfits account and start sending out emails today!


I hope this advertising method will help you to get more direct referrals for your PTC sites!



  1. Recommending software ( Safelist Pirate) that undermines the whole concept of a safelist, where you earn advertising credits for spending some time reading emails and visiting sites of other members (fellow marketers) isn’t a good idea. It’s considered cheating and against the rules. And it Will probably get you banned.

    You mention some good sites in your list, but the best advice you can give to people who use safelists / viral mailers / list builders and similar sites, is to get familiar with them and always follow the rules and stay away from software that does more bad than good.

    1. You are right… I forgot to mention that most sites don’t allow these kind of softwares but some safelists like Adtroopers don’t mention it in their terms & conditions. Of course we should always follow the rules on every safelist.

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