How To Get Referrals For PTC Sites Using Traffic Exchanges

What is a Traffic Exchange and how to get referrals?

A Traffic Exchange is a website where you can view other members advertisements and earn credits which you can spend to advertise your own links in return.

If you just advertise your PTC referral link or any ‘make money online’ business opportunity you will hardly get some results because most people are there to get traffic and advertise their own businesses so you have to use them wisely.

The best way to use Traffic Exchanges is to advertise your own custom landing page so you can build a list of subscribers and offer something that will help people to get more traffic, sign ups and sales to their online businesses.

You should advertise your PTC site as a good converting traffic source and not as just another opportunity to make money online!

Build your downline

In the beginning it’s important to focus on getting more referrals in all these traffic exchanges so you will get way more credits and don’t have to surf all day on your own.

It can be very helpful to have a downline of 100-200 referrals in each of your traffic exchanges before you start advertising your PTC referral links or other business opportunities.

How I use Traffic Exchanges

My personal strategy to get referrals in traffic exchanges is to advertise a custom landing page and give them a free software to surf multiple traffic exchanges faster + I reveal a simple trick to double their TE credits when surfing specific traffic exchanges.

The free software is called Traffic Browser and it will help you to save time and earn credits faster…

– by auto logging you in to your selected Traffic Exchanges
– by switching tabs after you have clicked the image vertification to receive credits
– by surfing multiple manual Traffic exchanges in a single browser window
– by setting up groups of the best Traffic Exchanges
– by blocking popups and a few other features…

You can Sign Up Here to get Traffic Browser 100% free!


How To Double Your Traffic Exchange Credits

The following strategy will double your credits when surfing specific Traffic Exchanges so you can get way more traffic!

I use a site called Geteasyhits which is similar to Explosivetraffic where you get a co-op URL (rotator link) and usually advertise this URL in your favourite traffic exchange sites to earn credits per view to your Geteasyhits account.

Geteasyhits will then advertise your website at multiple traffic exchanges on complete autopilot.

The great thing is that if you advertise their co-op URL on their recommended traffic exchange sites you will earn 2 credits per unique view so you will actually double your TE credits!

The Traffic Browser software is going to help you to surf and earn those credits much faster!

Here is how you can set up this strategy:

1. First Click Here To Sign Up to Traffic Browser and download & install their free software.

2. Then Click Here To Sign Up to Geteasyhits as a free member and add 2 websites of your choice which you want to advertise.

3. Copy your Geteasyhits “co-op promo” link (not your referral link) so you can add and advertise it on the manual traffic exchanges below to earn 2 credits per unique view!

4. Now sign up to the following manual traffic exchanges and add your co-op promo link. (you might have to surf a couple of sites to activate your account)








5. Now open your Traffic Browser software and add the manual Traffic Exchanges as a group so you can surf them all in a single browser window.

You may watch the tutorial videos on the Traffic Browser website if you have any problems to add sites or build groups etc.

6. Once you have added all the manual traffic exchanges above to the Traffic Browser software you can start surfing them really fast and receive credits to your Geteasyhits account where you can advertise anything you like.

Here are some more quality Traffic Exchanges which you can combine with the TE’s above…







I highly recommend to advertise this exact same strategy to get referrals and build your downline in all these traffic exchanges first so you will get even more credits!

Surf your Traffic Exchanges at least 2-5 hours daily or more and you will always have enough traffic to your website. Be consistent and focus on your traffic producing activities daily if you are serious about your online business and you’ll start seeing results!


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