How To Get Referrals On Facebook

How to get referrals on Facebook while building groups

If you wonder how to get referrals on Facebook then I have some great tips for you!

A lot of people are just posting referral links in Facebook groups or spamming on pages and profiles but I doubt that this is a good way to get referrals.

The best way to get referrals on Facebook for free in my opinion is to build multiple groups in different niches.

One of the reasons is because your groups will start to grow on its own once you reached a certain amount of members but it takes time, patience and consistency.

Here are some tips to build your own Facebook group fast and get referrals for your PTC sites. I recommend to build multiple groups in different niches to advertise different type of websites with your PTC banners on it.

12 Tips on how to get referrals on Facebook

1. Have a clear vision

What do you want your group to be like?

A place where people just spamming their links or a place where your members have conversations and interact with each other…

A group where members just come to spam their links can grow very quickly and most of them will always come back, but the problem is that most of them don’t pay any attention to the other members posts.

Growing a “normal” group where people actually looking for a conversation can be more difficult! You always have to stimulate activity in the group, ask questions and share valuable content on a regular basis.

Try to start new discussion and make your group the logical solution to a problem that your members might have.

2. Use keywords in your group name

You should use a few targeted keywords in your group name related to your group topic or niche if you want your group to be found in the facebook search results.

If your group is related to PTC you should use keywords like: PTC, get referrals, get paid to click, make money online, Neobux, Clixsense etc.

Use at least 3-4 different keywords in your group name to get the best results possible.

3. Use tags

You may choose up to 3 different tags (group settings- under description) to let facebook know what your group is all about so people can easily find your group.

4. Use a nice picture as your group image

Add a nice picture with your website or referral link to make your group more attractive.

5. Invite people to your group and make new friends at the same time

Invite members from other similar groups directly via private message and tell them to add you if they like so you can make new friends and add them to other groups as well.

Invite at least 20-30 people daily if you want your group to grow fast!

6. Leverage your FB friends and group members to grow

It can be difficult to grow a Facebook group on your own…

Ask a friend to help you build your group and encourage your members to invite their friends.

7. Create a survey

You may create a survey and ask for your members opinion so you can offer a solution to a problem that they might have. You may teach your group members how to get referrals and give them some great tips every week…

8. Create an event every 2-4 weeks

Create regular Facebook events to invite all of your group members so they don’t forget about your group.

9. Double your growth

Create another group or more with a different name & keywords in the same niche to double your growth.

10. Viral growth

Create groups for other people and work together with some partners so you can advertise your own group or PTC sites in their group as well.

11. Leverage other groups

Contact the admin from other groups and ask if they could fix your post at the top with a link to your group or create an event to invite all of his members to your group.

12. Capture leads to build your list

Use a custom landing page and autoresponder to build a list of subscribers so you can always reach your members per email and don’t lose your contacts in case Facebook deletes your group or profile.

I hope you like this article about how to get referrals on Facebook!

Getting referrals on Facebook should not be a problem for you anymore if you own a couple of big groups in multiple niches.

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