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50 Ways To Get Referrals For PTC Sites

How To Get Referrals For PTC Sites

Discover 50 ways to get referrals for paid to click sites and build a huge downline in any PTC referral programs. If you don’t know how to get referrals for PTC sites then you are at the right place!

Here you are going to find more than just simple tips like “tell your friends and family”… the following referral getting strategies are some of the best ways to get referrals for Neobux, Clixsense, Probux, Nerdbux, Ojoo and many other ‘paid to click’ sites.

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Free ways to get referrals for PTC

1. Set a goal, be patient and work consistently                                                       

It’s very important for new PTC users to be patient and work consistently to get a step closer to your goal each day. The ‘paid to click’ business is not something to get rich quick so you should not make any big promises or false income claims when you advertise your PTC site. Have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish and set yourself a goal and then do everything you can to achieve your goal!


2. Do NOT bother your friends and family!                                                    

Would you really invite your grandma to make money online with PTC sites? Most friends and family members are often very sceptical when it comes to making money online. Focus on building new relationships instead and your friends might join you when they see that you are successful.

Talk to at least 3-10 strangers daily to practice your communication skills and get to know them. Don’t spam like many others by just sending your referral links to them right at the beginning of a conversation or you will look very desperate & unprofessional!
3. Use your instant messenger
Add your website or referral link in your instant messenger status or use it as your name and add as much people as possible to build new relationships. You can search for different instant messenger adresses on Google if you type in specific keywords like “PTC skype” or “Clixsense skype” etc. Also search on blogs, websites, classified ads and social networks. Use different instant messengers like Skype, Msn, Icq, Yahoo, Google+ etc.
4. Search for chat rooms or social/business networks
and much more…


5. Solve problems by selling traffic
Most people just promote PTC sites as an opportunity to earn money online, but the main purpose of a PTC site is actually to sell advertisements! You can simply target everybody who is trying to make money online in any business opportunity and tell them that you know a good place where they can buy cheap traffic to advertise their business opportunity. They don’t necessarily need to click on the advertisements… you can also earn commissions from advertisers at some PTC sites!


6. Attach your PTC referral link in your email signature
If you are sending out many emails on a daily basis then you should definately do this.


7. Write a blog
A great way to reach your target audience! There are many things to learn when it comes to blogging and it takes a lot of time and skills, but you are going to get free targeted traffic from the search engines if you do it correctly. Simply create a free blog with Blogger or WordPress and start learning… there is enough information about blogging out there. Add new unique content regularly, learn about SEO and how to do keyword research to optimize your blog for high search engine ranking.


8. Write reviews
Use your blog to write reviews about new PTC sites and you will get more visitors to your blog over time.


9. Leave comments on other PTC websites or blogs
Leave a relevant comment on PTC blogs or websites and add your referral or website link.
10. Backlink from partners
If you have a website or blog about PTC you can also link to other PTC blogs as your partners and have them link back to your blog as well.
11. Submit your blog posts to article directories
This will give you more backlinks and exposure to your content. Here is a list of 50 article directories.
12. Guest posting on blogs
Write a guest post about your PTC site on other blogs.
13. Use a downline builder
A downline builder is a website where you can advertise multiple PTC sites, Traffic Exchanges, Safelists or other affiliate programs in one place. It’s the perfect solution for people who don’t know how to build their own website or blog and the best thing is that you can get viral traffic from your downline! The more referrals you have in your downline builder, the more traffic you can get.

I created my own downline builder DownlineTrafficBuilder.com and you are welcome to use it!
14. Use images of your payment proof
Upload images of your payment proof with your website or referral link on it to your website or blog and use the “alt tag” to enter specific keywords like “Name-of-your-PTC-Site + Payment Proof” so it will be indexed in the search engines. Post the payment proof with your referral link wherever you can like PTC review sites – ptccentral.com, image directories, pinterest or instagram.
15. Use Traffic Exchanges
Some people say that using Traffic Exchanges to get referrals doesn’t work but they are simply doing it the wrong way. I have developed my own strategy to get referrals from Traffic Exchanges and you can read the entire strategy on my other blog post + get a free software to surf multiple TE’s faster: How to get referrals for PTC sites using Traffic Exchanges
16. Use text ad exchanges
Do a Google search for free text ad exchanges… there are many of them.
17. Use Safelists
I started using Safelists not too long ago and the conversions are quiet better than Traffic Exchanges but the problem is that there is a time limit on each Safelist before you can send out your next email again. I also use a software for safelists to save time and earn credits on autopilot. You can read my other blog post to find a list of my recommended safelist sites: How to get direct referrals for PTC sites using Safelists
18. Use referral exchange sites
It’s similar like traffic exchanges but you can only click a certain amount of ads each day in order to earn credits and advertise your own referral links. You can also sign up to websites from other members to earn credits and create your own sign up offers. Here are a few sites:
19. Search for PTC users on Facebook
You can actually search for other PTC users on Facebook and connect with them if you search for specific keywords like PTC, paid to click, neobux, clixsense etc. You can also find enough people on fan pages and in groups which are related to PTC.
20. Build groups on Facebook or other social networks
I have build multiple groups for different niches on Facebook to advertise my blog posts, affiliate products or referral links. I have put together a few tips and tricks which you can read on my other blog post: How to get referrals on Facebook
21. Create a fan page
Create a fan page on Facebook about PTC programs or ‘how to make money online’ and post updates, reviews, payment proofs, funny pictures and encourrage people to like & share your page.
22. Create videos
This is one of the best ways to get referrals if you do it correctly! Create “how to” videos or reviews and tutorials about different PTC sites and upload them to multiple video platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Vitomy, Blib.tv and other free video hosting platforms. Use specific keywords in your video title and description + don’t forget to add your referral link in the description. Click Here for a big list of sites where you can upload your videos.
23. Create funny animated videos
A great way to make your videos go viral when people share them! There are some free programs which you can use to create animated videos. Use these programs to make funny videos about your PTC or website so people might share them. Here are a couple of free sites:
24. Use forums
Forums are a very good place to meet new like minded people and forum marketing is also one of the best ways to get active direct referrals for your PTC. The key is to start engaging discussions so that other members will leave a comment on your post and push up your post back to the top. Introduce yourself first and leave 3-5 valuable and relevant comments in the forum before you add your PTC referral links in your signature and advertise your PTC’s in the advertising section.

Visit the forum regularly to post some new comments or start a new discussion each week and you will soon get some referrals on autopilot. You may use these forums below or search for other PTC and ‘make money online’ or business forums on Google.

25. Use classified ads
There are thousands of classified sites so I suggest you to search for the best ones and try them out. Post your ads in countries like india, philippines, indonesia, singapore, malaysia, pakistan, bangladesh, bulgaria and hong kong. Here are a few classified sites:
26. Write your own ebook
Write your own ebook and submit it to multiple ebook directories like:
27. Get more free traffic in other niches
Most people advertise their PTC sites only in the PTC and ‘make money online’ niche, but the internet is actually much bigger!

If you have a specific interest or hobby like some kind of sport, games, poker, news, politics or anything else you could create a website or blog about your favourite topic and place some PTC banners on your site. Then you can advertise this website or blog on related forums, social networks, Facebook groups, blogs, chat rooms and many other places. Sometimes it’s much easier to get traffic in other niches… be creative and get some good ideas to place your website or blog in front of thousands of people!
28. Target captcha & data entry workers
Many people from india, philippines, bangladesh or pakistan and other countries are trying to make money online with data entry websites where they earn some cash for entering captcha codes. Find these people on forums, websites, blogs, Facebook groups, classified sites etc. and invite them to your PTC sites.
29. Solo ad swaps
This is a great way to grow your list for free! If you have a list of subscribers you can swap your list with other marketers. You can send an email to their list and they will send a message to your list in return…



Ways to get referrals for PTC offline

30. Go from door to door and ask people in person
If you are already successful and familiar with the people in your neighborhood then you should give this a try if you feel confident. Practice your communication skills and show them a proof of your results.
31. Use custom made shirts
Get some custom made shirts with a link to your website or blog and give them away in stores, sport clubs, first aid organisations or charity institutions who will send them to poor countries. Imagine having hundreds of people wearing your shirts and advertising your website!


32. Use billboards or blackboards
You can find them at schools, at some grocery shops, waiting rooms and many other places.


33. Talk to students and share flyers or business cards at high schools and colleges
This is a great place to find newbies who never heard about making money online with PTC sites. You should have your own blog or website to advertise all of your PTC referral links and teach them how to use a PTC site. Put a flyer or business card on every bike/car and find some other good places.

There are many different ways to get referrals using business cards and flyers! You may print your own flyers or business cards at home or search for ‘free business cards’ on Google. Click Here to get 250 flyers or business cards for free!
34. Drop flyers or business cards in the letterbox of your neighbours
Not the best way to get referrals for your PTC’s but you might get some referrals in specific areas.
35. Put flyers or business cards on cars
You could do this when there’s a football game or any big event in your city.


36. Always carry a pen
Always carry a pen to write down your website or referral link on many different places like bus or train stations…


37. Do offline presentations at parties or events
A great way to get people to sign up right at the spot by showing them your PTC earnings and how to get started right away. You can simply use a wireless laptop, notepad or your mobile phone.


38. Use your car
If you have a car you can simply put a piece of paper on your window with your website or referral link and park it at heavily populated places.


39. Write your referral link or website adress on every dollar bill
This way to get referrals is not allowed in some countries like UK for example.



Paid ways to get referrals fast

40. Advertise in your local newspaper or magazines
This is well worth doing but you should create your own website or blog.
41. Use Radio advertisements
There are thousands of small radio stations who will advertise your website or blog very cheap.
42. Advertise on PTC or GPT sites
This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get referrals for your PTC site but there are a few things that you should be aware of or you will just waste a lot of money.

1. Use a landing page and autoresponder to collect emails
2. Always track your results
3. Test your ads and then scale it up

I recommend Neobux, Clixsense or Adhitprofits if you want to get traffic fast but if you want to buy the cheapest ads and get slow results then you can use Cashcamel or Cashtream.


43. Solo ads on PTC or GPT sites
This is a great and fast way to get referrals… Simply contact the admin of a PTC or GPT site and ask if he could send out an email to his members in exchange for some cash. Search in forums or Google for new bux PTC or GPT sites with 500-5000 members or more. I suggest you to not spend more than $1 for every 1000 members and track your link so you can check the amount of clicks.
44. Solo ads on ptc blogs
Contact bloggers with big lists and ask for a solo ad.
45. Banner advertising
Advertise your banner on websites, blogs, forums and PTC sites. I highly recommend Howtogetref.com for cheap banner advertising on PTC sites.
46. Paid to sign up offers
Create sign up offers and put conditions for members to complete your offer in order to earn cash or credits. Here are some great websites for this purpose:
47. PPC Pay per click
Use Google, Yahoo, Facebook or Bidvertiser PPC ads.
48. Run your own forum
One of the best ways to get referrals is to run your own forum related to PTC and ‘make money online’ business opportunities but it takes time and a lot of work if you do this alone!
49. Setup a link exchange directory
Setup a link exchange directory website for PTC & GPT site owners or blogs and place some banners on your site.
50. Run your own PTC, Traffic Exchange or GPT site
This is also one of the best ways to get referrals but it’s not for everybody because you need a lot of experience and skills to run your own website. I guess the most difficult part is to find new advertisers so that your members always have enough ads to click.

You basically need a PTC script, hosting and a domain to start your own PTC business but you should look for a good partner who can help and assist you.
Bonus tip: Hire somebody to do the work for you
You can hire ‘micro workers’ to work and complete tasks for you like videos, offline marketing, search engine optimization, traffic generation and much more. Here are some websites where you can hire somebody…


Remember that your success always depends on the success of your own referrals!

If they don’t do well, they will quit and you earn less commissions… that’s why it’s so important to connect with your referrals personally and educate them on how to get referrals of their own.

Feel free to share these 50 ways to get referrals with your PTC referrals so they can learn how to become successful in the PTC business.

Please comment below if you like these 50 ways to get referrals!

What is your best way to get referrals?